Interview with Petr Kubicek (1428: Shadows over Silesia, KUBI Games)

Vor einiger Zeit bin ich auf das Videospiel „1428: Shadows over Silesia“ von KUBI Games aufmerksam geworden. Das Spiel wird nämlich auch für Blind und Sehbehinderte Spielende zugänglich sein. Da wollte ich einfach mal mehr zu wissen und habe den Developer um ein Interview gebeten. Also komme ich nun, ohne weiteres Geschwafel, nun zum Gespräch. Ich wünsche viel Spaß.

Hi Petr,
thank you very much for your time. Could you please say a little about yourself
so that the readers know who they are dealing with.

My name is Petr Kubicek and I am the indie developer of 1428: Shadows over Silesia. I’ve wanted to make games since I was a kid, but apart from a few smaller games for phones, this game is my first major project. Before the crowdfunding campaign, which allowed me to devote myself to the game full time, I worked as a programmer in a software company.

You are the developer behind the upcoming video game 1428: Shaoows over Silesia. Please tell us more about the setting.
It is a story-driven fantasy action adventure set in real medieval Europe. On the background of real historical events, the player takes on two antagonistic heroes. The Hussite Hetman Hynek and the Knight Hospitaller Lothar. Over time, their fates become entangled and they are forced to make a fragile truce to confront a much greater evil. The player explores the environment, solves puzzles, fights, but also sometimes has to sneak and pass by enemies undetected.

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